Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

May 7, 2013

Hospital board disbanding, Authority will take charge

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — The campaign toward a more sustainable future for Pauls Valley General Hospital still has a way to go before all necessary wounds are healed and it was at a special meeting Monday where the latest method of treatment was set in motion.

In a decision that will ultimately shift control of day to day operations of the medical facility over to the Hospital Authority, it was a recommendation to suspend the hospital board indefinitely by current chairman Hugh Vaughn that was the newest development. After a lengthy executive session this was determined to be the best course of action by hospital board members and will now involve reworking the lease agreement for the hospital to reflect the changes in decision making.

“It was put in place because whenever they decided to create the hospital they created the hospital authority and then created the board to be the direct supervisor over hospital affairs,” according to City Manager James Frizell, who helped clarify what the decision means. “The management of the hospital is being turned over to the hospital authority.”

In the end, the earliest anything would become effective as far as the change would be through a vote that is expected to happen at the next city council meeting on May 14, according to Vice Mayor Billy Riddle.

Editor's note: The rest of the story will be featured in Thursday's Edition of the Democrat.