Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 15, 2012

Service welcomes all to give thanks

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — As appetites prepare for the comfort food onslaught that is Thanksgiving, Pauls Valley congregations will once again be joining soon to fulfill spiritual hunger.

Set for a 6 p.m. start this Sunday, Nov. 18, worshipers of all denominations will be welcomed in fellowship as the PV Ministerial Alliance Community Thanksgiving Service returns, according to this year’s president Peggy D. Farris.

This time around parishioners will be welcomed to the First Presbyterian Church at 320 North Walnut with the familiar participation by several ministers throughout the community.

“Even though it’s at one church, it serves all the denominations,” said Farris. “One thing I’m thankful for is that the pastors work together so well.”

It’s a formula Farris has latched onto since she had a chance to preach last year’s sermon at the First United Methodist Church and believes there’s no better way for so many different groups of people to practice their faith openly.

This time around she’ll handle more in the way of welcoming everyone to the service and introductions for the service which usually lasts around an hour.

“Last year was unique because I like the idea of it being more ecumenical,” said Farris.

“It’s like one big church as something they work together on. That in itself is something to be thankful for.”

Trinity Baptist Church newcomer Dwayne Johnson will be delivering the sermon topic of Truly Thanksgiving, which is based in Psalm 100, said Farris.

Following the service, people will then be welcomed to mingle in fellowship and enjoy refreshments afterwards.

“It feels like you’re doing something worthwhile to be a part of the faith community,” said Farris. “It really serves the whole community.”