Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 6, 2012

Pool work off to good start

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — So far so good with the work now underway for a new outdoor swimming facility in the early stages of construction here in Pauls Valley.

Even with that part off to a good start the overall project has ways to go when it comes to the private money still needed to complete the funding.

“It’s going good,” Jennifer Samford, PV’s Parks and Recreation director, said about the project during a meeting Monday for a pool committee.

“We’ve had beautiful weather the last couple of weeks,” she said. “They’ve got lots and lots done during that time.”

The long anticipated outdoor aquatic center is being built as part of operations at the Reynolds Recreation Center in the local Wacker Park.

With expectations of opening next summer, the future center will include a large swimming pool, a lazy river ride, open and closed water slides, a bowl slide and a lap and dive pool if all the funding issues are resolved.

During this week’s meeting a handful of pool committee members met to look closer at the specifics of the plans to raise private funding for the project.

At the heart of the funding is a $3.2 million loan already secured by the city of Pauls Valley, while the remainder must come from private sources.

The effort got a big boost three weeks ago when four members of the PV City Council voted to commit $100,000 in tourism related funds to the project.

With a total of $400,000 in private funding needed, the amount of pledges as of Monday has reached the $264,500 plateau.

Samford echoed the feelings of other committee members who feel confident the private funds will ultimately be raised.

“The committee is committed to bridge the gap,” Samford said about the private fundraising for the project.

Information supplied at the meeting shows one anonymous donation of $40,000 has been made in honor of Doc Hayhurst.

Two bigger donations of $50,000 each have been made by Covercraft and the PV National Bank.

Committee members said a number of requests for donations are still pending.

PV City Manager James Frizell said at the meeting there really isn’t an official deadline for the completion of the private fundraising efforts. He agreed that sooner is better in this case.

“If the money is not raised, at some point we would have to make some tough decisions,” Frizell said about the project.