Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

August 27, 2013

ATT 4G LTE now a reality in PV

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — As the technology to communicate with one another is always in a constant state of change, so too is each community’s efforts catch up and to not be left behind.

Such was the purpose of a meeting Friday to announce that Pauls Valley had recently been upgraded a bit more on the cell phone side of things where representatives from ATT welcomed residents to hear the good news.

Hosted by Area ATT Manager Jan Moran, the public was made aware that at least for that carrier how customers were now going to be able to use 4G LTE, and was further expanded upon what this means by ATT Director of External Affairs Jason Constable.

“You can do a lot with that,” said Constable. “There’s just so much more communication possible.”

The recent upgrade was seen as an immediate necessity by those like Constable, primarily because the demand and strain on the networks was not being handled efficiently enough by the slower speed. The company believes it is an investment project, on that has already added up to $120 million spent in Oklahoma alone first half of this year and part of a goal to be accessible to no less than 300 million people nationwide.

Constable is confident the goal will be reached by the end of 2014 and as these services can now take advantage of such improvements in technology, it will mean more people can try emerging or other home services like broadband or moving from land lines to digital phone service, things that may have previously been limited to larger cities. That in turn will spur more job activity for the workers who lay the fiber optic lines as well as other related infrastructure.

“All of this investment creates a lot of new jobs,” said Constable. “It’s exciting to invest in great communities like Pauls Valley.”

There was even time to ask the community to contact them to make sure the public does not have problems utilizing the technology, brought on partly by an observation by a couple of attendees that ATT’s service has some areas in town where coverage is not steady. Moran said she could be contacted and then the companies engineers could see if something could be done to correct things on their end be it transmission from satellite or a signal from a nearby tower.

Moran can be contacted for more information at