Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

May 30, 2013

Teen angst leaves destructive path

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A trio of teenage boys are in custody and likely awaiting criminal charges after leaving a trail of destruction and thefts in the Hennepin area.

Various homes and even a local church were the target of the three boys who went on a rampage for unknown reasons this past weekend in the small southern Garvin County community.

Garvin County Undersheriff Jim Mullett, who happens to live in the Hennepin area, said the sheriff’s office here in Pauls Valley was initially contacted about a stolen riding lawnmower.

Then came the report of a vandalism at the First Baptist Church there. It turned out to be a crime far from ordinary.

“They had broken into the church through the windows and door,” Mullett said.

“What we found was graffiti written on the walls and windows,” he said.

“I’m talking profane comments, a 666, some things with the cross, some pretty disturbing things.”

In all there were nine crimes, all vandalisms and thefts, reported in Hennepin. They included break-ins at homes, garages and a number sheds.

There were a lot of broken windows and various stolen items later found to have been vandalized as well, according to Mullett, who added some of the homes also had graffiti damage inside and out.

Quickly approached was one local teen who eventually confessed to doing the crimes, along with two of his friends.

For now the real motive for the teens’ destructive rampage isn’t totally clear.

“He said he was mad because they wouldn’t allow him to skateboard on a concrete slab,” Mullett said, referring to the first suspect.

The ages of the suspects, who apparently call themselves the Triple C gang, are two 14-year-olds and a third is 15.

All three were arrested and are now being held in a juvenile facility in Lawton on the complaint of defacing a house of worship.

Their acts against the Hennepin church could be considered a hate crime, Mullett said.

The one bright spot coming from the acts is the reaction from residents living in the Hennepin area.

“The town people are pretty ecstatic arrests were made,” Mullett said.

“The community came together to do their own neighborhood watch type of thing.”