Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 19, 2013

UF effort keeps pushing ahead

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — Even with many of the numbers down all efforts to help the ongoing Pauls Valley United Fund campaign continues to push forward.

As volunteers plan for the 2014 year the number that matters the most, the overall amount of money available for distribution to community based organizations, is the one taking the biggest hit.

That total has seen decreases in the last couple of years with the biggest one experienced for the next budget.

“We have set out budget at $40,000,” said Connie Frazier. “It’s way down from last year.”

According to Frazier, last year’s United Fund budget was set at $70,000 with the year before up to $90,000.

While some organizations requesting United Fund monies have dropped off the list others have taken their place.

In either case the available money raised by the United Fund effort looks to be falling short in most cases of the funding requested by the various organizations throughout Garvin County.

“They’re getting no where near what they ask for,” she said.

“I don’t think there’s one organization that’s going to get as much as they asked for.”

With less money available for next year that means United Fund board members have been forced to look even closer at how to distribute the funding.

“As our main priority we went with food pantries first,” Frazier said.

“Kiddos, anything that involved children went first.”

Extra consideration has also been given to community assistance programs, while other requests are looked at on an individual basis.

All of this is a real downer for Frazier and her fellow United Fund board volunteers as it doesn’t appear they’ll be able to fully fund all the worthy causes asking for help.

“It does bother me and the board when organizations expecting funding, when we can’t fund what they ask for.”

One factor in the situation is the fewer number of United Fund board members these days actively involved in ongoing fundraising.

Still, Frazier says one recent event did have a nice turnout, while other fundraisers are on the way.

During a recent spaghetti dinner a total of nearly $1,900 was raised. A silent auction during the event also did well, she said.

A holiday bucket drive did raise more than $400, which compares to just over $750 during the Halloween season a year ago.

A current fundraiser is a raffle set for Friday, Nov. 22. The prize is a Benelli Nova shotgun camo 12 gauge. Tickets are $10 or $20 for three. For more on the raffle call Frazier at her work, 405-238-2988.

Among the other future United Fund fundraisers is a pancake breakfast planned for next spring.