Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 27, 2012

Special gifts draw families closer

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — The holiday spirit has a whole new meaning these days for a couple of families, including one in the Elmore City area.

Life just has a different feel to it for the Morrison family thanks to its newfound connection to another family that seems to be getting tighter and tighter as time goes on making for a very special Christmas season.

First it was the decision by Kenneth Morrison to donate one of his kidneys to a friend, Kyle Winters, he worked with here in Pauls Valley.

Then came a decision by one of Kenneth’s sons to donate a bicycle won in a random drawing to the daughter of the man receiving the kidney donation from his father.

For Lacie Morrison the whole thing is just amazing — the fact her husband Kenneth made such a unique donation, along with her 13-year-old son Kristopher doing something that benefited the same family.

What Kristopher did was give the bike to Winters’ young daughter Jayden.

“He won the bike in a drawing at the Baptist Church in Elmore City,” Lacie said, adding it was part of a Christmas Free For All event where dozens of bicycles were given away for the holidays.

“Kristopher decided that if he won this drawing he was going to give it to Jayden. Both my boys said that before the drawings,” she said, also referring to her other son, 11-year-old Kurtis.

“They said they have bikes and Jayden doesn’t have a bike at all. They said if they didn’t win a bike they would go build her one.

“They just wanted to be nice. They’re just like their daddy; they’ll give you the shirt right off their back.

“It makes a mother really proud.”

The emotions don’t stop there as Lacie calls the kids in the two families more like “brothers and sisters” after they were drawn together earlier this year by the friendship of their fathers.

It was back on Sept. 17 when Kenneth Morrison donated a kidney to Kyle Winters.

The story and friendship has only gotten better ever since.

“Both Kenneth and Kyle are doing wonderful,” Lacie said.

“They’re healthy and have gone back to work.”

Both men are employed at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Pauls Valley and returned to work in November.

According to Lacie, that’s the best news of all, especially with the life-threatening prospect facing Winters if he hadn’t received a new kidney.

“This was his second kidney and it wasn’t working too well,” Lacie said. “So if they couldn’t figure something else out it could have been the end.”

The friendship has brought both families closer together as they continue to spend time with each other on weekends and now the holidays.

The two families spent Thanksgiving together and now have plans to share this Christmas with each other.

“We’ve made arrangements to have Christmas together,” she said.