Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 13, 2012

Church to bring nativity to life

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — It's a Christmas story sure to draw the audience in as a Pauls Valley church is busy preparing to give the community a unique look into the reason for the season.

Members of the local First Baptist Church will fill the roles in full costume with living nativity scenes to be presented to the public for free over three nights on the church parking lot near Grant and Pine streets.

With different scenes the nativity extravaganza will get started at 6 p.m. each night Friday through Sunday, Dec. 14-16.

The idea of church member Brian Cloud, the event will feature 10-minute tours with five scenes leading up to the birth of Jesus in the manger.

“This is a living nativity scene,” Cloud said. “Traditionally these type things have still people in the scene. They don’t move around. What we're going to do is live action nativity.

“It's live action with narration. The narrator will talk to you about what's in each scene and the actors will act it out,” he said.

“Each scene is a different event from the Bible. This should give a better visual representation of the nativity.

“I think that this will be a really special event.”

More specifically, the scenes are surrounding the birth of Jesus — from angels to shepherds to the traditional nativity manger.

Church members will be in costume acting out their parts as Cloud will serve as the narrator for the 10-minute loop for the tour.

Along with the actors the scenes will also feature such live animals as donkeys, sheep, chickens and goats.

Each of the tours will end with the public invited to join in for a singing of “Silent Night.”

“This is my first year I've tried something so progressive,” Cloud said. “It's never been done around here as far as I know.

“Hopefully it will be something that's good for the community; something that can have an impact on the community and grow into something bigger,” he said. “We want to impact the community.”

If the event does grow in the future Cloud's hope is to use this living scene format to tell many more stories from the Bible.

“I hope we can do this every year and expand the scenes. My vision is to have the whole parking lot filled with different scenes from the Bible,” he said.

“I would love to have the whole story of Jesus and the whole story of the Bible. This is my vision.

“If it grows we could invite the public in the future to not only watch but get in costume and help act out a scene. If it's as big as I hope we'll probably try to open it up to the community.”