Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

September 11, 2012

Next step for fire tax

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Daily Democrat — Fire departments from all over Garvin County will soon start receiving some of the cash from a new tax meant to help their funding.

Although no action has yet been taken eventually it will as each of the departments will need to have a purchasing officer in place as part of a sales tax meant to help bolster fire protection services in the county.

Collections for the quarter cent tax OK’d by voters last March actually began in July.

Funding disbursements to each of the dozen fire departments in the county are expected to begin soon.

“The first of those funds will start coming in soon,” said Garvin County Clerk Lori Fulks.

“When the money comes in we will divide it out and it automatically goes into the different accounts,” she said.

“Commissioners will first verify it, the excise board must sign off on the amount and then the money goes to the fire departments.”

Around 96 percent of the revenue generated by this new tax is to be divided evenly among the 12 fire departments with most of those operated by volunteers.

The remaining 4 percent is for emergency management in Garvin County.

Estimates have the “perpetual” quarter cent tax generating around $750,000 a year, which measures out to about $60,000 annually in additional funding for each of the dozen departments in the county.

“Each fire department will have to have a purchasing agent and an account where their funds are at,” Fulks said.

“They will be responsible for making itemized lists of what a fire department bought and what they received.”

The fire departments benefiting from the tax measure include Elmore City, Hennepin, Katie, Lindsay, Maysville, Paoli, Pauls Valley, Pernell, Rush Creek, Stratford, Walker and Wynnewood.