Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 20, 2012

Pursuit leads to stolen cycle

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — For one Wynnewood resident it was one thing to be caught driving a motorcycle recklessly in residential neighborhoods; it was another when authorities learned the cycle had been reported stolen from another state.

The arrest of 20-year-old Emorej Diandre Rushing came this past Friday after earlier a Garvin County deputy decided against a potentially dangerous pursuit because more people were out on the streets with a Wynnewood playoff football game that night.

That deputy, Shane Rich, wound up making the arrest after witnessing Rushing’s reckless driving on a cycle that included speeding.

It was after the arrest the sheriff’s office learned the cycle had been reported stolen from Louisiana.

Sheriff Larry Rhodes commended his deputy for not initiating a potentially dangerous pursuit with so many people out because of the Savages’ home game that night.

“Shane Rich got in a semi-pursuit and arrested a man on a motorcycle,” Rhodes said on Monday.

“The cycle turned out to be stolen from Shreveport, Louisiana,” he said, adding that instead of a full pursuit Rich chose to play it safer and search for the suspect.

“Because there was a football game in Wynnewood that night there was a lot of traffic in town, so Shane chose to show restraint. It was a good choice.”

According to Rich’s report, he was talking to a resident in the front yard of a Wynnewood home when he witnessed a motor bike travel past on a nearby street.

The vehicle failed to stop at multiple traffic signs, while the rider, believed to be Rushing, was also riding wheelies through some of those intersections.

At one point Rich reported seeing the cycle accelerate as it approached a groups of kids walking across the road near the local football stadium. Nothing happened there as the cycle sped away.

The deputy lost site of the cycle but a group of people pointed him in the right direction, where Rushing was found and taken into custody on a number of complaints, including eluding an officer and being in possession of a stolen motorcycle.