Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

August 13, 2013

Paper is target of tribe’s shredder

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — All that paper or old documents piling up for some time can go away easily and safely as the Chickasaw Nation is inviting Pauls Valley area residents to take part in a shredding event this week.

A big document shredding and paper recycling event is scheduled by the tribe from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 15 in the Burr Center parking lot in PV, 110 Burr.

Free and open the public, anyone and everyone wanting to have documents shredded can show up and be a part of the gathering.

These shredding events open to the public are not a new thing in the Ada area.

It is, however, new for the tribe to take the shredder truck to places like Pauls Valley and Purcell.

One official from the tribe’s Environmental Services Division said it’s just a way to reach out to other cities in the area.

“This year we decided to go outside of Ada and get some other communities in the Chickasaw Nation boundaries involved,” said Cindy Gammons.

“We decided Pauls Valley would be a good place to do this.”

When people do arrive at the local shopping center parking lot on Thursday they will see a shredding truck that quickly takes documents down to size for recycling.

The truck is really just a document shredder but on a larger scale than most of us experience.

“We bring a great big truck and the whole front end is a shredder,” Gammons said.

The documents being shredded are placed in a polycart type container and dumped into the shredder.

Again stressed is the invitation for anyone to take part in having paper materials shredded, which has been the case during the previous events in Ada.

“Anybody can bring anything they need shredded,” Gammons said.

“We get a mixture of people using this service,” she said. “We have people who save up their junk mail and bring that to be shredded. We do it every year so they’re used to it.

“We’ve had doctors and businesses who bring their old files. We’ve had a car dealership haul five truckloads to be shredded.”