Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 26, 2012

Bids now in for school projects

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A whole bunch of bids are now in setting the stage for the next step of three big building projects for Pauls Valley’s school district.

It was literally an overflow of contractors putting in their hand at gaining the bids for the renovation projects at the junior high auditorium, football fieldhouse and Wacker Park gym.

All three of the projects were given the OK by local voters during a bond issue election earlier this year.

During a recent gathering contractors lined up to see what the bid numbers were for each of the projects. The next step is for school officials and others to sift through the bids and see what works and what needs some tweaking.

“I’ll get with the Willowbrook guys and go through all these bids,” Superintendent Darsha Huckabaa said, referring to the CMS Willowbrook Construction Services company working with the school district as construction managers for the three projects.

“I’ll also start looking at the overall budget for the projects,” she said.

It was this past April when voters passed by a large margin a bond issue that included the future renovation of PV’s junior high auditorium, a full make-over and expansion of the Panthers’ football fieldhouse and a variety of improvements to the park gym with most of those focused on the locker room facilities.

Another part of the bond issue is nearly complete as five brand new school buses are already here and on the job, while two others are expected to arrive soon.

After Huckabaa and construction officials go through all the bids the step to follow will be to take them to the school board for either a thumbs up or a vote to possibly rebid the projects.

Huckabaa is quick to credit board members for their decision to bid out these three larger projects all together. The result, she said, is it looks to have helped with the cost numbers.

“I’m excited to see the bids and the response we had,” Huckabaa said. “By bidding the projects together it made it more competitive. It brought in more people to bid on the projects.

“I’ve got to give credit to the board for making the decision to bid the projects together and to the community for passing this bond issue allowing us to move forward for Pauls Valley schools,” she said.

The board is currently scheduled to hold a special meeting on today to look at the bids received.