Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 17, 2012

Library books to close for a bit

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — Coming with a new, much needed look for Pauls Valley’s public library is a little time with the books closed.

The library, located on North Willow Street across from the county courthouse, will soon close up shop for a short time as the entire facility gets brand new carpet put in place.

The good news is the library’s closure will only be for a limited time during the upcoming holidays as the carpet work is now scheduled to take place from the end of December through early January.

“We will close Friday, December 21 and open back up on January 2,” said librarian Tina Hume.

Hume and fellow librarian Susan Skipper both said the planning for the new carpet has been in the works for months.

They both also agree it’s an operation that’s much bigger than just the placement of new carpet.

“It’s a big deal because it takes lots of planning and lots of labor,” Hume said. “It’s also a big deal because we have to close.”

Crews from Bryan’s Flooring of Oklahoma City are scheduled to get started with the actual carpet work on the day after Christmas, Dec. 26. On that day the library’s book drop box will be closed.

This upgrade has been needed for some time as the carpet there is the original one that came with the library when it first opened back in 1983.

“This is the first major renovation to be done since the library opened,” Skipper said.

“This is very much needed with the carpet unraveling in some places,” Hume said. “It just needs to be replaced. It’s time to do some upgrading.”

The cost of the carpet, in the range of $40,000, involves more than just the price tag as the library staff will be busy before and during the work period.

One of the big positives is the library’s closure won’t be nearly as long as it would have been without the equipment being used to recarpet the facility.

Machines will be used that can lift the various shelves, which means they won’t have to be cleared of books with the exception of the top areas.

“That’s why we don’t have to pack up the books,” Hume said. “If we had to go in and pack up the books, that’s just not an option.”

“If we had to pack and unpack everything in the library it would be closed a minimum of a month,” Skipper said.

Even with the library closed it won’t be a vacation for staff as they will be there every day doing a variety of things as the new carpet is placed.

Along with the carpet the library will also get a few new things, such as new chairs in the facility’s auditorium.

“We also have plans to renovate the children’s room and re-do the bathrooms,” Hume said.

Once the new carpet is in place the public is reminded the library has a no food or drink policy in place.