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March 20, 2012

Team recycles for fashion

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Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma — Art in some ways can always involve taking an otherwise cast aside object and giving it new use, but for three Pauls Valley business owners, it’s also a chance encourage environmental responsibility in others.

With the goal of looking good in more ways than one, the Trash In Fashion Show set for April 13 is quickly becoming such an opportunity for Kris Rylander of the Daisy Patch, Jennifer Seabolt of The Nook and Miki Tucker of Grass Roots.

Their idea, clean out the laundry room and make three outfits incorporating every bit of garbage from dryer sheets to the lint from their machines all to have fun and meet the requirements of a minimum of 80 percent used material.

“We just figured there was something we could do with all the things we drag out of the dryer each day,” said Seabolt, who formerly ran the Corner Market with her mom, Debbie Mott, before it moved and changed the name.

“The biggest part of our materials will be leftover laundry supplies.”

The theme of reusing is second nature for the team members as well since Rylander’s store primarily features clothing by consignment, Tucker restores/paints worn out furniture for her business and Seabolt sells many hand crafted items as gifts downtown.

Their skills should compliment their final catwalk entries because Rylander and Tucker will take care of sewing, while Seabolt handles adhesive engineering with the plan to enter three out of the four categories.

“I just flat out love clothes and the creative part of putting things together,” said Rylander, who has lived in Pauls Valley since 1983 and operated her business since 1984. “There will be some creative construction involved.”

It was Rylander who brought the crew together when she heard about teams being recommended and draws her love of creation back to when she took home economics at Lee High School while growing up in Midland Texas.

She will even model one of the outfits herself with the other two members likely getting someone else for the other costumes.

Something to think about for others who might be interested but have yet to start is that this will be the first art event for all three team members. Rylander noted she doesn’t really do much art, but is eager to help friends out, much like a wedding dress she is preparing for an upcoming ceremony.

“I don’t feel like an artist,” said Rylander. “You think of art as oil and canvas.”

The three gals also hope such an event can encourage the start of a city based recycling service instead of forcing people to drive out of town if they don’t want to just add more to the landfill.

In the mean time, they are discussing taking bins to the show and hauling away any items to a recycling center if other competitors don’t feel like keeping what they’ve made.

“If they do this every year it could be something fun to look forward to,” said Tucker. “We’re even thinking about taking recycling bins to collect materials to take to Norman.”

The entry fee is $15 for the first outfit and $5 for each additional, with a limit of three. Categories are frightening, frugal, open and formal.

All submissions are due by April 9 when there will be a rehearsal at 6 p.m. at the PV Arts and Cultural Center, located at the corner of Paul and Walnut streets.

The show will start at 7 p.m. for the public after a 6 p.m. rehearsal for participants, will be $5 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under.

For more information about the show contact Mike Dyson at (405) 926-7126 or Ruthie Bustamante at (405) 268-9758.