Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 29, 2011

Wynnewood couple make art with restoration

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat

Wynnewood, OK — There’s no doubting the joy which comes with being the first person to own a brand new product, but with a little TLC and creativity, something with history can be made novel all over again.

Though they won’t turn away creating something from scratch, Donna and Marshell Love, owners of Whimsie Wood in Wynnewood, find as much joy in restoring an old barstool as they do putting together a new toy box for their growing home decor business.

Primarily furniture with an artistic flair, the couple has only been testing the market for a few years, but feel ready to share their talents with a larger customer base.

Located at 202 S. Dean A. McGee in what was formerly a bank, the Loves have been able to combine this recently discovered passion by literally making the business feel like home. That’s because the home itself is a part of the efforts in progress, transforming one thing into something else.

“Each piece sort of tells you what to do,” said Donna Love, who was inspired to paint after finding a style sold she liked already, but wanted to offer a cheaper alternative.

“It’s kind of a fun business because you can just let your imagination go wild.”

It works perfectly for Donna, the main brain behind the venture, because she can use her 35 years of interior design experience to create something fit for just about any domicile. With the sentiment anytime they are there, they are open, the work they sell is a combination of Marshell’s ability to build with his hands and Donna’s learn-as-you-go painting style.

What the couple enjoys most is taking either scrap material or something worn down and creating something new, which adds a little flair to someone else’s living quarters. Donna also gets to do something where she does not have to work regular hours, quite the contrast to when they tried running the diner in the Crescent Drug store for about a year.

Donna doesn’t have many limitations on what she creates, even accepting commissioned work, but tells people she gets to go with whatever comes to mind as she is working on furniture. She even gets to work on items for the family, including trying to fit in a crib set for a grandchild, reworked from one of their children when he was born.

As if that weren’t enough, Marshell also enjoys tinkering with old automobiles and restoring them for fun and competitions. It means they will always be looking for the next thing to keep them busy while in retirement, perhaps even one day bringing back to life antique toys.

Something must be working, because the Loves have had no difficulty finding people interested in their work, with her favorite, the toy box, selling decently as well as a few of their wooden chairs finding buyers when they’ve tested at festivals or markets. In fact, sometimes the most popular items like a stand she made for her keyboard prove the more unique something is, the more buying interest it will generate.

“I’ve sold everything I’ve painted,” said Donna. “The more different it is, the better it will sell.”

The family business can also be found on facebook at or can be contacted by calling 405-207-3544.