Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

February 28, 2012

Ambitions a part of vision for PVGH future

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Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma — A positive attitude amongst the growing pains has been the goal of many connected to transitions since it was announced St. Anthony Health System would be managing operations at Pauls Valley General Hospital.

Part of that will require an understanding of how to turn around years of financial struggle, something new CEO Bridget Cosby believes is not so much a matter of possibility, but time. A part of the team as of Monday, she comes to the Garvin County medical scene from Holdenville General Hospital where she was most recently CEO there, but has spent most of her career working with others to make ends meet as financial constraints become ever more apart of hospital atmospheres.

“If you have a good foundation and good people you can do a lot of things,” said Cosby, who has lived most of her life in Ada and earned a bachelor’s of science in accounting from East Central University. “We want to serve the community best we can with what makes sense... I think there are real kinds of possibilities to tap into.”

Cosby replaces Gayle Sturgis at the helm and will offer a transition from leadership that was hands on to a background more financial than clinical. However, from her first job as accounting supervisor at Seminole Medical Center to becoming Chief Financial Officer there as well as Holdenville she has had a chance to get used to the small town style of care, which requires knowing at least on a basic level what is being offered to a regular flow of patients.

It was at Holdenville through an affiliation agreement where Cosby first came to know the St. Anthony structure, though this will be the first time she will actually be employed by them through the management agreement at PVGH. She has seen how committed they can be and feels comfortable the agreement will lead to as much investment as the community is willing to accept.

“We just want to bring the hospital back to where it needs to be,” said Cosby. “I’m a small town girl and I like small town community environments.”

Cosby will not live in Pauls Valley, commuting daily from Ada, but plans on getting involved as much as possible with everything from civic clubs to community based activities. In the past she has been familiar with ladies groups, something she hopes to continue, and looks forward to being an asset to those like the area chamber of commerce.

There is a personal attachment as well in Cosby’s parents who now live in Wynnewood as well as see their doctors in Pauls Valley and will give her all the more reason to blend family off and on site. Her adaptation here will also include time with her husband and children who are sure to join in contributing when they are able.

“It was certainly attractive to be involved in a place I know my family will be seeking their health care,” said Cosby, noting how her husband Keith will certainly do his share since he took it hard having to cease contributing community-wise to Holdenville. “Even though I’m not hands on, I feel like I’m still giving back to patients through what I do.”