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November 15, 2011

PV Youth lives, builds dreams with music

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Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma — Fame may be the goal of many a young musician, but for those who achieve it, they cannot deny those early years of inspiration.

Living a bit of his own dream is 16-year-old Pauls Valley resident Dylan Black, who for the past few years has gone from someone who could appreciate a good tune to creating a few of his own jams. Whereas his only instrument for years was the piano, he has taken quickly to others like guitar, harmonica, ukulele and drums, with some measure of personal success already.

Out of all the instruments Black plays, the drums are his favorite simply because of how energetic it is, but what has gained him public attention already is when he plays guitar. That instrument partly started out of losing a computer to a crash and getting inspired to play with one his sister had before becoming a little more in demand.

“I had always liked music, but I really got into it once I started playing guitar,” said Black, who is also homeschooled and works as a lifeguard at the Bosa Swimming Pool. “So I just started playing and playing.”

It was on Wednesday nights at Cornerstone Community Church through leading music worship where Black discovered his talents could be more than a hobby. His father Brian Black, the pastor, soon had him add his musical flair to Sunday morning worship and eventually led to testing out other areas of performance.

Something must have clicked because it was this past Summer when for the first time Black played an almost regular concert schedule from places like Bricktown Live in Oklahoma City in July to The Marquee in Tulsa in September. He also released his first album, a five song extended play called “Love and Be Loved,” available at places like I-Tunes and Amazon MP3.

Some of the musicians who inspire Black’s style of pop/rock as well as acoustic are Aaron Gillespie and Kris Allen, who won one of the previous American Idols and also has roots in worship leadership. Other bands he enjoys are those along the lines of The Fray and Augustana, who are closest to his style.

In the future, Black hopes to keep writing songs and eventually go to the Academy of Contemporary Music once he’s graduated so he can be a music producer. Before too much longer he would like to release another album and will most likely stay a solo act, though he has not ruled out ever being in a band.

“It’s really a place where I can express myself... I can really be honest with myself,” said Black. “There’s not a lot of musicians in Pauls Valley who play the same kind of music as me.”

People can become fans of Dylan’s through places like his fan page at