Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

February 14, 2012

Library cornerstone for aspirations, career

Noteworthy Neighbor

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma — One’s inspiration usually gains the most attention from those who are the most public, although for some aspiring toward their own personal goal, greatness can come by simply being there for someone one person at a time.

At 20 years old, Morgan Minyard, the new Maysville Librarian, has plenty of time to discover how good things will get. However, as far as she is concerned, there’s not much else she needs to help her decide how she wants to spend her future in amongst a host of printed adventures.

“I really like helping people and there’s a lot of helping people in a library,” said Minyard. “I want to be a librarian so this is a good starting point for me.”

Mostly a Garvin County native, Minyard currently calls Lindsay home, though is familiar with Maysville from when her father Randy Minyard was police chief there. She decided to come back in part because of how welcoming the atmosphere has always been and feels it is a good place to eventually work toward a degree in library science.

“I like the people in the town,” said Minyard, who is considering as soon as possible options like the University of Oklahoma for a degree path through online courses. “Everybody’s real close, working together and there is a lot of communication.”

There’s also Minyard’s love for literature, her favorite being the Christian variety, though she hopes to be as much a resource as the library itself by keeping up on the latest in non fiction. She doesn’t always get to read, though will always be up for skimming through what looks good at the moment.

“I really enjoy having a book in my hand,” said Minyard.

Minyard was first inspired to consider people and books a career focus in Purcell where she graduated from high school in 2010. She developed the passion while working at the library there for two years and the only thing that made it hard to choose was also considering a early childhood teaching degree.

It certainly doesn’t hurt how Minyard doesn’t mind working with children and wants to bring in plenty of reasons for them to get hooked into a place where she’s found so much. This includes activities like regular story times whether or not school is in session and the occasional after school scheduled movie showing.

When Minyard is not busy working throughout the week in town she likes to spend the rest of her time with her church family. She’s also involved with plenty of activities there and might just be a role model for her younger brother and step sister.

“I don’t think people realize how resourceful libraries can be,” said Minyard noting how their Internet ready computers may be some residents only option in the area. “I love kids. They’re just fun, so easily amused... you can make them laugh with just about anything.”