Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

May 5, 2010

Questions about HB 2780 and HB 2656

Pauls Valley Daily Democrat

Pauls Valley — Dear Editor:

State legislators can be happy everyone is focusing on the Federal Government so intently that Oklahomans did not notice physicians had been given permission to lie to their female patients about pregnancies without the patient having any legal recourse.

Representative Billy said that HB 2780 (ultrasound prior to abortion) was necessary because women needed complete information to make an informed decision. Too bad that is not the standard for HB 2656 (doctor can lie to patient with impunity). The state government should not be promoting mistrust between physician and patient. A pregnant couple should be able to trust the information they receive from a physician.

When is the state government going to quit trying to block access to legal medical procedures and get out of our wombs?

Marilyn Goodban