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March 22, 2006

Democrat was wrong

Democrat was wrong

Dear Editor,

To what extent should human beings feel obligated to shield one another from emotional harm? Is our society shunning that responsibility in favor of perpetuating blame, judgment and unsubstantiated gossip? Is there a growing number of people today who take pleasure in others’ misfortune, or has malice been innate to human nature all along?

Perhaps I feel that the number of insensitive people is too large because of the enormous heartache the Brumley family recently suffered.

Three days after twenty-year-old Ryan Alan Brumley passed away due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident, The Daily Democrat published a front-page story, in which Ryan was referred to as “An intoxicated Pauls Valley driver of a stolen vehicle...”

No reporter or law official had conducted any interviews in the effort of discerning the facts surrounding Ryan’s death.

The life of an intelligent, kind, ambitious young man had been lost merely hours before, and no precautions were taken to protect his family from further pain.

Yes, he made a poor decision, taking a vehicle that didn’t belong to him, but rather to a woman whose family he had been an integral part of for more than two years, a woman he was very close with and loved — not a stranger; this was no arbitrary auto theft.

Secondly, he had not been attending a “party,” as the article stated.

Ryan was indeed fallible, as all humans are, but in the scope of his entire life, his faults were overwhelmingly outnumbered by the excellent qualities of his nature, and his flawed deeds seemed as nothing in comparison to actions he took out of love and a desire to better himself.

Certainly, The Democrat has an obligation to remain objective, and so the article could not have gushed about our community’s loss of a future pilot, a young man who would do anything for anyone without ever being asked or wanting thanks.

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