Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

May 2, 2009

Great job with clean-up

Dear Editor,

Thank you to all the participants in our Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Month. With everyone’s hard work, our community has less litter and it is spruced up for the spring and summer.

The organizations and individuals who have adopted a City Street did their share, as well as the efforts of the school children who cleaned out their lockers to prepare for the end of the year.

The city employees worked extra hard picking up the filled trash sacks and hosting the free dumping at the trash transfer station.

The final count of the number of trash bags filled has not been completed at this time but in addition to that, over 66 tons of litter was deposited on the Saturdays in April.

The county commissioners also joined the effort and each one cleaned up an illegal dump in their district.

The only disappointment was the Trash Off parade was canceled because of rain. There were 103 first graders that were saddened that they didn’t get to participate in a parade. They did have a lesson on “Where the Garbage Goes” so all was not lost.

Let’s keep the anti-littering campaign going and continue to take pride in the appearance of Pauls Valley.

Together we do make a difference! Thank you one and all!

Main Street Pauls Valley