Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

May 16, 2009

Web ads done in error

Pauls Valley — Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that campaign information was posted on the Pauls Valley City Council web page. This was without my knowledge or approval.

When I was initially approached about providing a web page for the council members, I thought it would be a good way, in this electronic age, to increase our council's communication with the citizens of Pauls Valley.

At that time I agreed for the page to be built with the instruction that absolutely nothing resembling campaign ads or the endorsement of any candidate be allowed on this page.

When I was informed that the page had exactly that included on it this week, I was upset and do not know if this was done in error or through some failure in my part to communicate precise instructions to the webmaster of the page.

I, of course, take responsibility for this error and apologize to the citizens of Pauls Valley for any appearance of impropriety on my part.

This page is NOT funded by the City of Pauls Valley, has not been funded and will never be funded with city funds if I remain involved in it's production.

Tim Gamble

A super soccer thanks

Dear Editor,

On Saturday, May 9, our community soccer program had its “Super Soccer Saturday.”

This entails a full half day of playing soccer games with all community teams in participation, along with parents, grandparents and patrons in attendance, followed by a hot dog roast at the community concession stands located at the sports complex in Pauls Valley.

This event was well attended by over 500 people.

Our local vendors, McDonald's and Chicken Express, generously supplied the drinks.

Our city generously provided the most important ingredients - mowed grass fields, concession stand, equipment storage container, clean restrooms, garbage receptacles and spacious parking lot.

Garvin County Youth Soccer Association is eternally grateful for Pauls Valley's support of this program.

We also appreciate the local law enforcement and their officers presence on our busy fields that helps to keep us all “safe.”

Kathleen Assel Tillery

Youth Soccer Director