Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 3, 2009

Writers thank community


This past summer, on July 31, our family had the privilege of introducing our new daughter-in-law, Merlyn George Scoggin, to this community during a reception at the Bosa Community Center. It was an awesome evening and we have so many individuals to thank for helping it be one of the most special nights of our lives.

Our community is extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful facility to utilize for special occasions. We owe thanks to the philanthropy of Col. and Mrs. Joe Bosa, the vision and hard work of those who designed, built and operate the Bosa Center and to the Bosa board and Bosa Center employees for their conscientiousness and high standards regarding the center.

Many close friends and family worked diligently to make this a beautiful, festive and joyous evening for Brad and Merlyn, but we would be remiss if we did not mention certain individuals who went above and beyond to make this a perfect occasion. A special thanks to Audrey and Sherman Williams, Richelle and Chris Humphrey and Loren Cronin. They all made sure the facility and grounds were in great shape before the reception.

This community provided such a warm reception to our son Brad, his new wife and her family and friends, many of whom had traveled from India. On numerous occasions, Mr. and Mrs. George, Merlyn’s parents, have expressed how much they loved meeting our Pauls Valley family and the overwhelming sense of welcome they experienced during the evening.

We sincerely thank everyone who joined with us to create a perfect evening by demonstrating how truly special we are as a community.

Kent, Nancy, Kevin, Brad and Merlyn Scoggin