Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 23, 2009

Writer questions bail amount, alcohol laws


This letter is being rewrote as I realize through the editor that I wrote it too fast in an effort to make it current about an article in Democrat, Dec. 13 “Murder arrest, bond at 1 million.” From experience, I know we Americans enjoy the right to reasonable bail for any “crime.” I said, “May we repeat your honor reasonable.” I went on to say that an out of state tourist might read this in a motel room after discovering they could not get a glass of wine with their meal here, only off ramp on I-35 like that I am told. I went on to say that they settled for a six pack and noticed they were not unwinding from their trip. I said 3.2 percent alcohol. Why Oklahoma? How different do we have to be? I might have a repercussion on this as you can get 5.5 percent alcohol beer sold only in liquor stores before 9 p.m. and must be sold warm. Why can these stores not sell peanuts, candy, tobacco? Again Oklahoma are you sound asleep?

Some of these visitors may have come thinking of settling here, if they do, wait til they found out they cannot vote for the sheriff of their choice in the primary unless they are registered Democrats. Wow. The state is known to be Republican.

How lucky we are to live in America, where you can write something like this.

I am a veteran, registered voter, a taxpayer. If you agree with this but don’t vote, would you do something about it today. Register. I’ll buy you a beer if you do. And yes I voted for and like him too.

Dean Linder

Pauls Valley