Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 31, 2009

Writer appreciates community


I have lived in Pauls Valley 30 years. I love this town and if a miracle is not answered I will leave Jan. 3.

I like to walk the streets and sidewalks downtown and sing to theLord and pray out loud that he blesed me and stop and pick up someone else’s trash, they knew better.

I wish someone would fix old steak house building on corner of Grant and Chickasaw for low-income disability people could live there. I always wish I could live downtown, I love so much and where all my friends work in the businesses around town.

I had my ups and downs but Lord always there answer my prayers. I have lost lots of homes in past 30 years, but all worldly can be replaced. Everyone has to live their own life, most important is lived for the Lord. I tell others how Lord been good to me, I take him with me everywhere I go so if I lose at hearing own my last home in town I will leave here. I will never forget nice people.

I am in bad health and my back, neck and chest is all deteriorated. I fell lots of times in this own, am crippled. Don’t stop me from walking a town that I love. I am the one that has red ball cap with Oklahoma on it and my cane.

Thank you very much for your kindness. Thanks to everyone for being there for me.

Linda Keltner

Pauls Valley