Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

February 8, 2010

An alternate solution in the interest of justice

Dear Editor

While confined to the house during the recent ice storm, I watched a lot of television.

I was dismayed and disgusted that millions of dollar of our tax money was going to be spent trying a self confessed terrorist in New York City.

I propose an alternate solution in the interest of justice. Change the venue to Ft. Smith, Arkansas, revive the spirit of Judge Isaac Parker and let justice be served.

If this venue is unavailable, there is a court in Texas, west of the Pecos. There a jurist in residence renowned for his objectivity and fairness, Judge Roy Bean could preside.

Both of these venues would be less costly and more expeditious.

The decisions of these courts seldom require appellate review.

Respectfully, Hal Blevins