Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 24, 2013

Honors a habit for county farm group

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A Garvin County agricultural group is making it a habit to collect up quite a few honors each year when an annual state event rolls around.

A whole group of folks from the Garvin County Farm Bureau piled up the trophies during a recent state convention in Norman.

Many of those awards indicate some area residents and the county group as a whole are right at the top of their game, said Dale Schauer, president of the Farm Bureau here.

In fact Schauer and his wife Sherry Schauer were right in the middle of the honors.

Also right there were Raymond and Mary Temple of Elmore City, along with a couple of big time awards for all of Garvin County’s Farm Bureau.

Dale Schauer believes all the awards garnered at the convention really reflect on the relationships among the county Farm Bureau board, women’s committee and membership as a whole.

“It tells me the partnership we have is working,” Schauer said.

“Our membership is very community minded,” he said.

“We’ve got a good group of people. We have some of the finest people, and they’re all involved in their community. My administrative assistants — I’ll put them up against anyone.

“We’re just good old country folk.”

The two big awards given to the Farm Bureau here were the Presidential Star Award and yet another John Taylor Memorial Trophy.

Both are awarded for a whole series of achievements during the year on a countywide level.

“This is the highest we can get countywide,” Schauer said about the first award.

“Of the 77 counties in Oklahoma we’re at the top. We’ve gotten that award the last 10 years.”

The Taylor award is an honor given to Garvin County five of the last seven years. It represents achievement in nearly a dozen specific areas, like leadership and membership.

“We had something in all 11 areas for this award,” Dale said.

He describes it as overall performance honor for the county Farm Bureau.

When this honor wasn’t given another came for the county, a Builder’s Award in 2010 and 2011.

Raymond and Mary Temple of Elmore City got a big a surprise when they received the Oklahoma Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers Lifetime Legacy Award.

As an individual Sherry Schauer was honored for her civic work related to the Farm Bureau, while both Sherry and Dale Schauer were given a district Farm Family Award, an honor given for their leadership with the Farm Bureau.

Another honor given to the Farm Bureau here was for something that’s considered “very sacred” — safety.

It includes such programs as Ag in the Classroom and safety involving fire, buses and bicycles.

Dale says many think just of insurance when it comes to the Farm Bureau.

Although that’s true there is another side to it — what Schauer describes as an effort to support agriculture.

“We’re an advocacy group for the agriculture community,” he said.

“We’re the voice of people who produce food and fiber to feed and help clothe the public. We represent rural America.”

He is quick to stress it’s typical for agricultural related issues to impact the rest of us on some level.