Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

August 13, 2013

Home invasion report agrees with jury

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A pre-sentence investigation agrees with jurors who believe a Pauls Valley man should spend some time behind bars for his conviction in a couple of area home invasions back in 2010.

Completed by a state probation and parole officer, the now filed report is on Steven Thompson, 34, also known as “Petey G.”

After a three-day trial this past spring Thompson was found guilty on eight of nine criminal counts.

Jurors decided they believed Thompson was one of four masked men who forced their way in to burglarize homes in PV and Elmore City and terrorize those inside on Nov. 14-15, 2010. One other subject was part of the group but stayed outside serving as the driver.

A sentencing hearing for Thompson was pushed back from Monday to later this week in a Garvin County District courtroom.

Still, the now convicted Thompson continues to deny any involvement in the home invasions that keep him in jail.

“In court the DA made (an) example of someone knowing about a crime that was committed and not saying anything,” Thompson said a statement given for the report.

“Because that person knew about it, they are just as guilty even though they were not involved in committing the crime. I do not wish to further discuss the case because I do not want to incriminate myself.”

Jurors convicted Thompson of two conspiracy counts, two first-degree burglary counts, two first-degree robbery counts, an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon count and a larceny of an automobile charge.

The only not guilty verdict for Thompson came with a kidnapping count.

The 12-member jury also recommended Thompson receive from three to 10 years in prison on each count.

Each of the jury’s recommended prison terms add up to 65 years in the case.

The recommendation in the pre-sentence report is for Thompson to be sentenced to a period of incarceration as determined by the court, which in this case is District Judge Greg Dixon who has the final say.

“Due to Thompson’s prior criminal history, this offense does appear to be indicative of a pattern of behavior,” the report said about the defendant’s involvement in the two home invasions.

“Thompson continues to deny involvement in this crime and does not appear to take responsibility for his actions.”

The report did show Thompson’s future plans, if freed, include learning a trade, spending time with family and attending a church.

He has stated he would attend alcohol and drug education and support meetings, as well as speak to youth through some type of community program.