Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

January 21, 2013

Recycling Center sets opening date

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — Momentum for Pauls Valley’s recycling efforts received another boost Thursday when it was announced at a recycling committee meeting that members were ready to set a target opening day for their first drop off location.

With everything getting secured from the location and design next to Valley Farmer’s Market on Walnut Street to creating their own repurposed bins for a fraction what they normally cost, committee members Tye Jacobson and Erin Babcock were more than ready to start planning for a day full of festivities on Monday, April 22. It also works out that it will be Earth Day and will complement the Garvin County Community Living Center and City of Pauls Valley Project with activities like a ribbon cutting and an interactive tour for those ready to make the area a cleaner place.

“At least we know where it is going and it’s going to the right place,” said Babcock, noting how all the details will be worked out for opening day as it approaches. “It’s much more visible in the community.”

Fundraising efforts for the center are still ongoing and though about $4000 has been raised through efforts so far, there is still a way to go before everything is funded, said Jacobson. When it center becomes a reality it will consist of a metal building with slots on the outside allowing the public to drop in the different types of materials for recycling.

“The Money will go toward helping facilitate the opening of the recycling center,” said Cathy Cash, Living Center CEO, adding how it will start off for items like building materials.

Taking care of helping raise the money will be community supporter Arlen Williams who can be called at his office in town to record any amount of tax deductable donation. Once it is open, the drop-off location will be run mostly by clients from the Living Center and some of the items accepted will include paper, aluminum, glass, steel cans and cardboard.

“We have an estimated $10,000 we have to raise,” said Jacobson, adding that mulching and compost materials will also be offered next to the site. “Recycling is not a fad; it’s the here and now.”

The public is also invited to attend the group’s next community meeting, which will be held at City Hall at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

For those who wish to donate to the project, Williams can be reached at 405-238-6444. To see how one can get involved in efforts call the Living Center at 405-238-3773.

The group can also be found online through social media like facebook at