Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 26, 2013

Bond drops in drug sweep case

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A defendant described as a “major player” in an organized drug ring in western parts of Garvin County was back in court Monday.

Billy Gene Gray Jr., 56, better known by some as “Pee Wee,” did get his bond reduced but not by as much as the defense had hoped during the hearing in a Pauls Valley courtroom.

Gray and his wife Kimberly are both among a group of 19 individuals identified in the year long narcotics investigation. All but one have been taken into custody after a warrant sweep back on Dec. 11.

Each of the defendants is accused of being involved in an organized effort, possibly with cartel related ties to Mexico, that was distributing methamphetamine mainly in the Lindsay area.

Corey Miner, an assistant district attorney in Garvin County, argued Gray’s role in the drug ring, along with his criminal record, make him a flight risk.

“He’s at the top of the hierarchy for this in Garvin County,” Miner said about the drug operation.

“He knew he had arrest warrants and he failed to turn himself in for seven days,” he said. “He also has two pending felony counts.

“All of this shows a continuing pattern of criminal behavior. I argued first to deny bond or to at least enhance it.”

Instead Gray’s bond was cut in half.

During an initial arraignment on two felony charges his bond was set at $150,000.

That total was reduced to $75,000 on Monday as Gray was given several restrictions, including a GPS ankle monitor, if he is able to post the bond releasing him from county jail.

Gray’s defense argued several reasons to have his bond reduced, including it offered him a better opportunity to assist with his defense in the case. The defense request was for a $10,000 bond.

Prosecutors went the other direction asking for Gray’s bond to be increased to $250,000.

In Miner’s written arguments he claimed the “main distributors of this methamphetamine were (Gray) and his wife.”

He also argued Gray and his wife intentionally fled arrest and would remain on the run for about a week before tracking technology located them at a Chickasha residence, which is where they were taken into custody.

The only suspect in this case still not arrested is Edward Heath McCoy, 33.

All the arrests came after a joint investigation by the Garvin County Sheriff’s Department and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Lindsay Police also assisted in the case.