Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

April 11, 2014

Clough out as PVGH CEO, Dolan takes reigns

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — Some of the biggest chapters of uncertainty for Pauls Valley General Hospital have been replaced with more positive outlooks.

Most of the changes as of late have been adding instead of removing key elements. However, a week ago the leadership at PVGH underwent a major shift. Interim CEO Jim Clough’s term ended and new chief executive officer, John Dolan, began.

“It was a NewLight (Health Care) decision… I really don’t know what happened. There were some conflicts, but I don’t think it was any one thing in particular,” said Dolan.

“At the end of the day the NewLight management company felt there was a need to make a change.”

The difference between Clough and Dolan is Clough was on a contract while Dolan is a full-time employee.

Clough’s tenure began last November and ended this past week. He oversaw the first steps of correcting the financial problems that have plagued PVGH for years. This includes correction plans for at risk departments and helping promote the hospital’s half-cent sales tax.

“He started a lot of initiatives, stabilized a lot of things,” said Dolan, who has a master degree in economics and statistics from Texas Tech University. “He worked hard to get this hospital moving forward in the right direction.”

Dolan officially was hired by NewLight back in January and started helping out as the Chief Financial Officer for PVGH back at the end of February. It is something he took over from Dale Semar, who is still employed in another capacity and Dolan had done CFO duties up until this recent decision.

Before coming to Pauls Valley, his most recent job was with a series of administrative positions including CFO at the hospital in Levelland Texas in the Covenant Health System family.

Dolan noted how this is for now a temporary position on a as needed basis and evaluation on how to proceed will be considered in the next six to eighteen months. There is currently no official search for a more permanent CEO going on.

Dolan goal is to continue the push for improvements from purchasing new equipment to making sure they meet requirements for the Affordable Health Care Act and the state health department. He will act as both CEO and CFO for the time being.

 “We’re going to move forward as aggressively as possible,” said Dolan. “Make the changes that need to be made.”

In the meantime, Dolan will continue to live in his home out of Lubbock Texas where his family is based and plans on staying here during the week. Some of the most recent improvements that have happened since he started included the Pauls Valley Hospital Authority approval of CPSI as their new medical records software and helping acclimate new Chief Clinical officer Bob Frost.