Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

August 9, 2013

Hotel grows family legacy in PV

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — A recent increase in business related activity for the community of Pauls Valley may not make as big a blip on the radar as larger cities to the north and east, but for all of Garvin County, it’s certainly the busiest in the past year.

Joining that upturn, at least on the accommodation side of things, is Victor Patel as well as his family, who are helping to bring in their third investment in a major hotel chain, this time a Hampton Inn & Suites.

So much a part of their daily routine since he first got into the area by purchasing the Days Inn back in 1992 as well as the construction of Comfort Inn back in 2005, this will be his 28th year in the business and felt like the right time to move forward with the idea.

“We had this planned for a while,” said Patel, who has in those years been able to raise his kids here and share success with other family members who are also in the hotel business.

“The economy wasn’t as good then, but it’s improved to where we felt comfortable building the hotel… It’s a family business, operating hotels.”

Helping out with the interview, Patel’s son Ravi noted how plans on the idea for what will be a four story, 78 room hotel, goes back to 2008 and as of this past week moved past the dirt work stage to steps like the foundation.

They’ve not had any trouble moving the process along since it got started and were very complimentary of how well the city answered any questions or assisted in the process back to when it began with planning and zoning.

Constructing the hotel is Sawatzky Homes out of Broken Arrow and encouraging the attention travelers have paid are other recent additions like the aquatics center in Wacker Park to new businesses like restaurants and a tractor supply store. Patel felt the demand was there and the location has already proven to be key as it is next to I-35.

“It’s a very nice town, very friendly people… Anytime there’s something I’ve needed they’ve supported me,” said Patel. “It gives people a reason to come here.”

In the end, the goal for opening the hotel is no later than the summer of 2014. Patel will continue thanking the community in kind by supporting events that have brought him some of his best repeat business, those along the lines of the Okie Noodling Competition.

“If there’s something coming up we make a donation,” said Patel. “I support the community all the time.”