Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

July 16, 2013

Local touch planned for national charity

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — Pauls Valley is already no stranger to rallying the community to good causes throughout every given year, but along with the many locally based fundraisers is a recent attempt to bring one of the larger causes to a more personal level.

That effort is the Children’s Miracle Network and though one can donate at any point by buying one of their familiar paper cutouts through different retail participants, Wal-Mart is hoping to take that a step further by a special donation drive right here in the downtown streets of Pauls Valley.

For Wal-Mart Distribution Center Manager Pat Ingram, it was an exciting enough prospect to seek the blessing of the local city council as the proposed spot would be right outside their doors on the corner of Chickasaw and Paul streets with plans ready to get it going the last couple of weekends of this month.

“We’re kind of trying to pick up some steam,” said Ingram, noting how it is also part of an overall goal to step up their usual donation efforts and that employees of the distribution center have raised $12,000 since they got going earlier this year. “$40,000 is our goal by next January.”

The idea was originally proposed by Ricky Manning, who is the manager of produce receiving at the distribution center and the street-side idea has been done in another Oklahoma communities in the past.

The plan is to set up a table with signs and hand out bottled water and possibly T-shirts to people who walk up and collect as many donations as possible.

The Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City will be the entity benefiting from the donations and Ingram pointed out how this same medical facility took on an honor many across the country can appreciate when they personally housed children from the tornadoes that tore through Moore back in May.

As a company, Wal-Mart sponsors an entire floor of the hospital and across the state so far this year it has raised $317,000 for the cause.

“The hospital sees thousands of kids each year,” said Ingram. “It affects kids even here.”

The Children’s Miracle Network can also be found online at