Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 11, 2012

New era comes soon for election board

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — The process is busy moving forward as the Garvin County Election Board is expected to soon begin a new era.

One state legislator is now doing his homework and seeking input from others as he prepares to name a replacement for board Secretary Cathy Brinley.

Recently Brinley announced she would be stepping down from the position after serving through the end of this month.

That leaves it to newly elected state Sen. Corey Brooks to filter through any prospects and come up with the person who will replace Brinley.

“Being the new guy on the block I reached out to a lot of others,” Brooks said.

“Various players reached out to their resources,” he said. “We've collected about six or seven resumes. We're in the process of individually mulling that over.”

Brooks gets the duty of naming Brinley's replacement because he now serves in District 43 of the state Senate, which is an almost new district covering McClain County and parts of Garvin, Grady and Stephens counties.

The call goes to Brooks because as a Republican he's in the majority party for the Oklahoma Senate.

It was just a few short weeks ago with it was announced Brinley would serve in her position as election board secretary here through the end of the year before stepping down.

With Brooks in the position of naming a replacement he immediately began seeking some help from other legislators with districts here.

That included state Sen. Susan Paddack, state representatives Lisa Billy and Bobby Cleveland and a number of others.

The input from others is key since there's no specific criteria in place for appointing a new county election board secretary when one leaves the position.

Still, Brooks has a few things he does look for when considering this appointment.

“Experience in the election process is a big plus for the person, like working as a precinct worker,” he said.

“General office skills, general competence and someone loyal to the community are some of the other things I look at.”

The state senator thinks he will narrow down his selection soon and possibly take a recommendation to the state election board any day now.

“There should be a fairly quick turnaround to have someone in place when Cathy leaves the office,” Brooks said.

“We're hoping to get a replacement quickly and have an overlap in training for that person.”