Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

September 23, 2013

Superhero cycles ride into PV

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A little piece of movie magic has come to a Pauls Valley attraction in the form of two motorcycles used in the filming of a recent superhero film.

One of the cycles was used for the lead character in the Captain America movie released in 2011, while the other came from the villain side of the movie.

In both cases visitors to the Toy and Action Figure Museum can climb on board and get a good feel of what it was like to be in Captain America’s seat or maybe even the cycle used by Hydra, the villain group battling the movie’s good guys.

The cycles arrived at the downtown museum this week and are expected to be on public display for a limited time, maybe a handful of weeks.

That fact brings a big smile to museum manager Jodi Wood.

“This is something I’m very proud to have here,” Wood said.

“This is amazingly cool. I’m very proud of these bikes.”

The best part of it is visitors to the museum are encouraged to sit on the very cycles used to film the movie.

“It’s OK for people to climb up on them and have their picture taken,” she said.

The movie motorcycles found their way to Pauls Valley after the museum had a visit this summer from an employee of the Performance Cycle and Seaba Station in Bethany.

That visitor had an interesting proposal for Wood and the local museum.

“She saw our Captain America display in the war zone,” Wood said about the museum’s military display.

“When I talked to her in July she said they had the original Captain America bikes used in the movie.”

It was suggested a couple of the cycles could be set up and displayed at the Toy and Action Figure Museum for an unknown period of time.

That is exactly what’s happened as the Captain America and Hydra motorcycles, complete with the original dirt straight from the movie set, are now at the museum waiting for visitors to check out.

“This is just up our alley,” Wood said. “This needs to be displayed here temporarily for everyone to enjoy.

“Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the cycles used in an actual movie.”

One of the cycles was used by the actor Chris Evans, who played the role of Captain America in the movie.

“This is the Captain America bike that he rode in the movie,” she said.

According to Wood, it’s a replica 1940s war bike. In reality it’s a 2008 Harley Davidson Cross Bones model, and one of two bikes used for the lead role.

The second cycle now on display at the local museum is one of those used by the Hydra villains in the movie. This bike started out as a 2008 Honda CRF 230 model.

After the movie had wrapped the bikes were later auctioned off.

An undisclosed owner is now allowing these two cycles to temporarily be put on display at a variety of places.

“They put them on display at movie theaters, wherever the need is,” Wood said.

Both bikes will later be placed in a motorcycle museum in Warwick, Okla.