Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

March 19, 2014

Temple up for challenge

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — The latest chapter will be full of unknown challenges for Main Street Pauls Valley as it begins anew this month.

It’s just the opportunity new director Lindsey Temple has been waiting for. She is excited to build upon its recent successes and put her own spin on reviving it for the long-term future.

It’s just the vision board members were looking for when they chose her for the position. It starts immediately with reminding all the areas they can be helpful in the community.

“I’m very excited, I think we’re going to do good things,” said Temple. “I think we all have the same vision and that’s ultimately what’s best for Pauls Valley and Main Street.”

Temple felt like her years of experience at the Garvin County News Star helped prepare her for the position. It was the regular contact with the people around downtown as well as volunteer hours that helped her prepare to be the director.

“Like I told Jeff, it was a fantastic experience,” said Temple, speaking of the Editor and Owner of the News Star, Jeff Shultz. “Like I said in my interview, it really helped me get this position.”

One of her first steps is making introductions at other community organizations and civic club meetings.

She wants to initiate improvements across town, through partnerships with the city, tourism and the chamber. She wants to be a driving force together instead of separately.

Temple pointed out how it is good to get the Main Street name out there. She believes by increasing their supportive role, the things people have come to love about the town will do even better.

This may mean a more involved presence in events they aren’t organizing. Including, the Arts Council’s upcoming Trashformation Art Show and the city’s Okie Noodling Festival.

“I want to let everybody know that we’re here,” said Temple. “I’m looking forward to the things we can do for the community Improve on the old and bring new events to life.”

Temple hopes to improve upon promotion, development, organization and economic restructuring, the four tiers of the main street program.

She’s aware of the hard years Main Street had recently. She believes this is a chance to “rise from the ashes” and make people aware of everything they’ve offered all along.

“If we keep the four tier plan in mind we’re going to do great… Come by our office, I’ll be here every day,” said Temple.

“I feel the community tells you what it wants. We have to listen and pay attention to them…we have to support the community and the community will support us.”