Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

March 19, 2013

Recycle center ready for logo, final touches

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — Despite some last second bumps experienced by the Pauls Valley Recycling Initiative, the last few details appear to be falling into place for the community’s drop off location.

It will mean a slight change in location and another call for help from the community to raise what’s left of their $10,000 goal, though nothing that will take away from the excitement that their logo contest for local youth in town has chosen a winner.

Picked out of 18 total entries sent in from kids here is Whitebead student Malia Readnour’s design, a tough decision for judges like Garvin County Community Living Center CEO Cathy Cash, who was among those on the recycling committee taken in by the girl’s earth flower growing concept.

“Some of them were pretty clever… sweet too,” said Cash. “You can tell they put a lot of work into them… I think it will make a good logo.”

Instead of opening the recyclables collection spot on land adjacent to the Valley Farmers Market, it will instead be on the same property come Earth Day, which is Monday, April 22.

This is one of the spots everyone will be able to see Readnour’s art prominently displayed after she is honored at a ceremony when it opens that day and is also invited to make other public appearances at events like marching in the Trash- Off parade on Friday, April 5.

The spot change will require an updated conditional use permit recommended by planning and zoning tonight as well as final approval by the city council on Tuesday, March 26, but Cash is confident this will not delay them from kicking off events.

After this date, the Living Center expects to pour concrete for the new slab Wednesday, March 27 and within days take materials purchased through SteelCo in Paoli and allow another local business, Green’s Construction, begin their work of assembling the location.

“I guarantee you it will not look like anything else in the country,” said Cash, noting how a majority of the kids who entered the logo contest attend classes at Whitebead. “It will be custom.”

“We’re excited that it’s moving along and it looks like we’re going to meet our deadline,” said Living Center representative Chip Pearson, pointing out how even the color scheme of the center will reflect their goal and message.

“It’s nice to see the level of involvement ranging from kids in the area to corporations donating money.”

As far as funds, any amount donated is appreciated and they still need around $3,000 to cover costs that are already proving to go past the $7,000 they currently have to pay for parts of the structure and labor.

Arlen Williams is still heading that part of the recycling goal, accepting what can basically be a tax deductible donation through the Pauls Valley Community Foundation.

“That 10,000 is a pretty good estimate because that’s what we need,” said Cash, adding that people have been expressing more interest overall in how they can get involved and has already provided more work for the living center clients who will help run the drop-off center.

“People have given us a lot of input and that’s evidence by the planning that’s gone into it.”

For those who wish to donate to the project, call Williams at 405-238-6444. Monetary donations can be mailed to 509 W. Paul, Pauls Valley, OK, 73075.

The next meeting for recycling efforts will be held March 27 at 6p.m. at city hall.

To see how one can get involved in the Garvin County Community Living Center/City of PV project call the Living Center at 405-238-3773.