Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

May 2, 2013

Kids take lead in helping kids’ cause

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A group of Pauls Valley elementary kids went way above the call of duty when it came to a special campaign to help a good cause.

The numbers are in and the students at Jackson Elementary School did more than their share in a campaign to help kids being treated at Shriner children’s hospitals in the region.

The mission of the different Jackson classes was to collect as many tabs from aluminum drink cans as they could.

With the classes pitted against each other in the collections this past fall, those tabs were ultimately turned over to the Coca-Cola company in exchange for money to help sick kids being treated at the hospitals.

Betty Carter of the sponsoring Garvin County Farm Bureau said the efforts of the local kids finished way above even what she expected.

“The kids collected like 76 gallons of the tabs,” Carter said. “When we were doing this I went up to the school expecting to get a little bit each week from all the classrooms,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe how much there was. It was unbelievable.”

The astounding part of the overall amount collected is the money raised from one gallon of the tabs will pay for a child’s single cancer treatment.

Money raised through the campaign also goes to help the parents of the children stay at Ronald McDonald houses during the kids’ treatments.

That is exactly what this campaign did and a little bit more, Carter said.

“It went to the Oklahoma City Children’s Hospital and the building of new rooms for the Ronald McDonald House there,” she said.

Also associated with the OKC hospital are Shriner hospitals in the Galveston, Texas and Shreveport, La., areas.

The campaign has been even more special for Carter, who is a local Farm Bureau member and for 27 years once worked as a second grade teacher at the very same Jackson School here in PV.

“This is a wonderful activity because it helps out children,” Carter said.

“The students have shown so much compassion and desire to help other children with disabilities.”

By the way, it was LaDonna Robbins’ second grade class that proved the winner with the most tabs. The class was treated to a pizza party by the Farm Bureau.

All other classes were given ice cream as “thanks for a job well done.”