Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

December 31, 2012

Doctor uses 2012 to help grow PV medical options

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — While many are counting down the days until the St. Anthony Health System purchase of Pauls Valley General Hospital is official in 2013, there has been quite a bit of work already started in the changes for the better department.

Part of the improvements has been seeking out personnel that can attract more patients to the medical facility, who have previously been referred away due to services not offered in the past. One such individual is Dr. John Siegle, M.D., who has been working at PVGH about the latter half of this year in both an educational capacity and women’s health care.

“Pauls Valley contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to do a part of the women’s health care and that was last spring,” said Siegle, whose office in town is alongside Dr. Charles Mitchell. “Their thinking was that this would support the hospital and types of services from leaving town.”

Brought aboard on a part time basis to primarily handle gynecology needs through medical care for more complicated conditions and offer surgery if needed, Siegle is familiar with the region also having a practice in the Ada area since about 1985. His background goes back further to being involved with the Chickasaw nation through their Indian hospital system and where he first gained inspiration to do what he does now.

During Siegle’s visits every couple of weeks or so he sees patients who have been referred by their primary care physician. Throughout this, he has been pleased with how easy blending in has been because of the other professionals working there and the newer equipment they are adding.

“They noted that a lot of women were leaving town to have surgery for their gynecology conditions... They wanted to offer those options, newer options,” said Siegle, adding how it can be hard for people with these medical issues and not all facilities have the most modern options. “The project has really been facilitated by the help the hospital has given and the equipment and services they provide.”

On the educational front, Siegle is also always passing on his skills be it for the University of Oklahoma Medical School where he teaches surgery or when he has a medical student by his side. He usually takes on a resident physician with the current along with him in Pauls Valley and believes it is a good way to give back since he was helped out the same way.

“I really think it’s important what you give back and that’s why we’re here… to contribute and give back,” said Siegle. “Teaching residents allows me to extend myself to those who might not have the financial resources.”

In the end, Siegle believes the hospital will do well in the future since it will continue a message he’s always held close to his heart that treatment should always be available before money is even a factor. It is also why he is confident as the hospital moves forward becoming more of a St. Anthony entity.

“I think it’s important to take care of people despite their resources,” said Siegle. “From my standpoint it is about the patient, that’s what we should be giving back with, the patients instead of just the checkbook.”