Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 15, 2013

Plenty to say on home invasions

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A suspect’s own words shows he appears to have been repentant all along for his involvement in a 2010 plot to break-in and rob alleged drug dealers in two area homes.

Despite a pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report concluding Jonathon Smith, 24, doesn’t appear to take responsibility for his actions, Smith does call it the “biggest mistake of my life” when he was among a group of men who invaded homes in Pauls Valley and Elmore City resulting in a night of terror for those inside.

Smith has admitted to being one of four masked men who forced their way in to burglarize the two area homes on Nov. 14-15 three years ago.

Now Smith and at least one other defendant are scheduled to be sentenced in the case over the next few days.

In the PSI report Smith himself says it was a mistake to get involved in the acts that led to the criminal charges being filed against five suspects with two of them now facing long prison terms.

“It’s no one’s fault besides my own. I make my own choices, but if it wasn’t for being intoxicated I think I would have made better choices,” Smith stated in the report.

“If I could change what happened that night I would, but I can say that it has made me a better man and makes me think before I act.

“Three years ago I made the (worst) mistake of my life and that was getting in that vehicle and going to that house. I hope the (families) will forgive me and know that I am truly sorry for all this.”

Described as the person who came up the idea of burglarizing the homes, Steven Thompson, 34, also known as “Petey G,” has been given a 25-prison sentence.

Thompson was sentenced in August after a jury found him guilty this past spring on eight of nine counts he faced.

Another defendant in the case, Derrick Lane, 22, has already been given a 20-year prison sentence.

The sentencing for Smith is scheduled for next week in a Garvin County District courtroom, along with a “blind” plea for the driver in the two home invasions, Tygue Stephens, 29.

Justin Robbins, 24, is scheduled to be sentenced the following week.

In the PSI report Smith offered even more regrets about his involvement in the home invasions.

”If I could go back I (would) never have been around there, drinking and hanging out with everyone, but on that night (it) seems like one thing led to another and we all got intoxicated,” Smith stated.

“Honestly getting these charges and being there that night has changed my whole life and whole way of thinking. I now make sure I do not surround myself with certain people.”