Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

October 23, 2013

Details set for big zombie run

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — Registration for Main Street Pauls Valley’s Zombie 5K Run still has the rest of the week for people to sign up to chase or be chased, but now official are all the final details for the event.

The ghoulish activity is already growing from the popularity of last year with 28 individuals registered as of last week, and volunteers like MSPV Board President Jesse Alvarado plan to get an early start Saturday, Oct. 26 in order help prep those living and undead.

For zombies who don’t plan to do their own makeup, they are asked to show up starting at about 6:30 a.m. at the Main Street office downtown where a few artists will do the special effects for a morning that is already attracting participants from outside the state.

“We even got a group of people from Ft. Worth coming down to spend the day at the festival,” said Alvarado.

“They’re going to do everything from the zombie run to the Rocky Horror movie, booked a hotel and everything.”

For the second year it will kick off the Living Dead Center Festival with the start of the race at 9 a.m. and once all the living impaired are registered, they will be bused to previously selected locations to wait for their human victims.

For the second year it will have a flag football style mode of attack where zombies won’t be able to so much take down a runner, but attempt to steal flags representing their four limbs whether they decide to do it at a full sprint or amble around more slowly.

The run will start at the Main Street office located inside the PV Arts and Cultural Center at the corner of Paul and Walnut streets, head down Paul Avenue before turning onto South Pine Street, turn again onto West Joy Avenue, turn at South Willow Street before continuing next to South Walnut Street, turn next at West Lee Street and make a loop at the nature park before heading back the same way.

Both the zombies and the humans will be able to take home honors for doing the best they can, with the former group given the chance to become the ultimate zombie for the one who collects the most flags and two awards via the most unique looking and scariest zombie. The latter group can win by finishing with at least one belt first, be the ultimate survivor with the most flags of those who finish and the dead last award for the final person to cross the finish line.

“We want to make an invitation for everyone to invite anyone,” said Alvarado, adding how runners will also be able to find spare limb flags hidden to gain back one they might have lost. “We’ve still got room for more.”

In the end, Alvarado and the other volunteers want to make this festival extra special since it will be former MSPV Director Samantha Robb’s last cause through that position.

It’s also the Main Street board’s way of getting more involved in the process and whether or not this will return will depend on how successful the weekend is.

“This is Samantha’s last event,” said Alvarado. “We are sad to see her go.”

Updates are available for those who want to follow progress on the event’s Facebook page at

Registration for humans is $30 and zombies is $15.

People are also encouraged to call and leave a message by phone at 405-238-2555 or send an e-mail to Registration for the Zombie run can be done at

Editor’s Note: More info on the festival will be included in Thursday’s edition of the PV Democrat.