Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 7, 2013

Last council seat gets appointee

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — The wait for Pauls Valley’s city council to be complete once again is over.

Made official Tuesday night during a special meeting called the occasion, complete with a swearing-in, the last remaining open seat on the council was filled by resident and businessman Lorin Jacobson.

Appointed by Mayor Gary Alfred, he shared with his fellow council members’ feelings that he was an appropriate choice for the spot due to his involvement in the community and pointed out how an appointment was better than spending the money for what would be a short term.

“Instead of spending money for an election we chose to one of the recommendations we had to appoint someone,” said Alfred. “He’s been on committees in town and done a good job.”

According to City Attorney Jay Carlton, the common sentiment did not have to do with the any chance an election might not be held.

However, since the seat formerly held by Hal Blevins would end in March of 2015 due to his sudden resignation, it would be difficult to find candidates willing to run on a ballot for what would be not much more than a year.

Carlton added it would likely be even less appealing since the already set election in 2015 would only be for a two-year term before a chance to run for a full four-year term in 2017 came up.

Councilman Mike Parrish was the first individual to be appointed earlier this year after former Mayor Billy Riddle resigned, though once his term also ends in 2015 that will be a full-term and there will be a total of four seats up for vote.

“It’s very common to not require an election to fill out a seat,” said Carlton. “To make someone run for an election in that pickle is a tall order.”

Councilwoman Jocelyn Rushing also took some time to add how she had approached Zac Brumley, who lost to Blevins in the election back in May about being another potential person to fill the spot.

She stated how he had declined consideration due to involvement in other projects at the time and felt it was best to move on.

“I visited with Zac some myself and his father,” said Rushing. “After not winning the election that was not something he was interested in, he felt like it was enough.”