Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

May 14, 2013

A food drive that keeps on giving

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — The success of a letter carriers’ food drive this past weekend in Pauls Valley is expected to provide a major boost to a local food bank.

The help from many in PV appears to have been just what was needed for an annual drive led by local postal employees and others pitching in to help.

No official numbers are yet known, but two different people connected to the drive say the amount of donations will go a long way to help a lot of people over the next few months.

“It went great,” said Tina Casey of the Delta Community Action food bank, which is on the receiving end of all the food donations made by local residents.

“I don’t have the total but I’ve got a room stacked up with donations,” she said. “It’s piled up and I’m counting cans.

“It looks better than last year’s drive.”

An even bigger eye-opener is the community drive might have been good enough to keep giving for some time to come.

“It helps support our food bank until probably around Christmas,” Casey said.

“People are really so supportive in Pauls Valley.”

Leading the cause were the workers at Pauls Valley’s post office.

Along with the help of some family members, the letter carriers picked up the food donations on Saturday as they made their normal mail rounds for the day.

Johnny Watson of the local post office says it does look like the drive went really well.

“It was really good,” Watson said. “I don’t know how many pounds of food were picked up but it was a lot.

“We had three letter carriers come in to help out on their day off. We had family members who came to help out,” he said.

“Everybody picking up food brought in pretty good loads and we had perfect weather for it.”

Another community effort led by the Delta agency is expected to get started soon.

With the heat of summer giving us glimpses already the Delta office located at 225 West McClure in Pauls Valley will soon get the annual fan drive going.

That means donations of box fans can at any time start to be dropped off at the Delta office.

A list of people in need of a box fan will likely get started sometime in June.