Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

October 4, 2012

Marching by some sweet tunes

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — The sounds should again be sweet but also competitive as a group of high school bands will soon make the streets of Pauls Valley the place where they march.

The 3rd annual Pauls Valley Marching Band Championships will charge into town with a 10 a.m. start time on Saturday, Oct. 13.

After the marching in the downtown area many of the 15 or so bands will then head to PV's football stadium for the field contests.

Both PV's band director, Drew Etheredge, and assistant director, Jim Winkle, say this is a big deal that local residents don't want to miss.

“There will be a band, a little bit of a pause and then another band will come along a few minutes later,” Etheredge said about the marching.

“When the parade is over the bands will make their way out to the stadium and we'll start the field competition pretty quick,” he said, adding these are the halftime shows of each of the participating bands.

“Go to a football game and maybe you'll see two bands perform. The neat thing about this is you'll get to see several bands do their halftime shows and perform their music, all in just a day.”

As for the bands, Winkle says an event like this one is just the tune up they need during what is their marching season.

“Bands have a competitive season just the football team,” Winkle said. “This happens to be our season in the fall for the marching competitions.

“There are standards of performance we're judged on. Of the five judges we've got for this contest three are hall of famers.”

Contests like this one, Winkle said, is a great way for directors to measure their bands as a regional marching contest, better known in the past as the state contest, comes on Oct. 16.

Pauls Valley's downtown parade route will, starting at 10 a.m., again go from the Burr Center down Chickasaw Street, where bands will make a left turn on Paul Avenue before wrapping it up a few blocks later.

Etheredge likes the route because the marching band event brings people into Pauls Valley and the downtown area.

“I encourage a lot of people to come out to the parade,” Etheredge said. “It's good for the downtown businesses, and it definitely makes it more meaningful for the different bands. A good crowd makes it more enjoyable for the students.

“We want to make this an event that not only benefits our students and program but also the entire community; that it can be something our community can be proud to host,” he said.

“It's great for Pauls Valley. It's a great community event; great for the students, the program and for the community.”

The band director is also hoping for as many sponsors for the event as possible. For more contact Etheredge at 580-220-9259.