Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

January 10, 2013

Drugs, stolen guns found near daycare

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — A whole slew of criminal charges and a six-figure bond has been given to a Pauls Valley man accused of having illegal drugs and stolen guns while living next to a local daycare and near a grade school.

The formal allegations, a total of four in all, have been filed against John Titley, 47, who was taken into custody late last week during a narcotics investigation by the county sheriff’s office.

Titley is accused of having various amounts of methamphetamine and marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a couple of guns earlier reported stolen in PV.

All of the items were found with Titley as he was taking them from his residence in the 100 block of West Lee, which is located next to a licensed daycare facility and a short distance from Jackson Elementary School.

Early in the investigation Titley was questioned by authorities at the sheriff’s office about allegations he was selling illegal drugs from his home. He even agreed to allow officials to search his house later in that same day.

After the questioning session Titley was allowed to leave.

An affidavit show deputies were set up to watch Titley and see what he did if he went home. Moments after arriving he was seen coming out with some type of brown object.

He was then stopped and allowed to drive back to his residence, accompanied by a deputy. Once there he is reported to have admitted to taking the items in the bag from his house.

The items included a total four guns, which included two pistols, a pump shotgun and a rifle. All were loaded when they were found, while two of the weapons had been reported stolen locally.

Also found was a nylon bag with about 8.1 grams of both methamphetamine and marijuana.

Drug paraphernalia found included a glass pipe, measuring spoon, digital scales and a hand-held grinder.

“It is often that covert drug operations result in no seizures and arrests,” said Sheriff Larry Rhodes.

“It is good when a plan comes together like this one did and we are able to outsmart a drug dealer.”

Rhodes said he believes Titley is one of several persons in the Pauls Valley area who are responsible for “pushing drugs to our streets.”

He added it’s “most disturbing” that Titley is believed to have been selling drugs near an elementary school and a daycare, while at the same time several children were inside the house along with the illegal drugs.

Child Welfare officials were contacted about the situation, Rhodes said.

The felony charges filed against Titley include drug and firearm possession and concealing stolen property. A total bond of $100,000 was set in the case.