Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

May 13, 2013

Recycling now a reality in PV

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — The waiting is finally over and the dream has come true for those who have long awaited the opening of Pauls Valley’s first recycling center.

After all of the hours in planning meetings, fundraising and design changes, the drop off location along South Walnut Street, next to Valley Farmers Market at 505 South Walnut, is ready to receive recyclables and those like Garvin County representatives Chip Pearson and Cathy Cash couldn’t be prouder.

Taking some of the first items in the 10 distinctly different bins the morning of BrickFest, it is a sight to behold and ready for a community that has shown no lack of support from the beginning.

“By Monday it was necessary to service one of the bins,” said Pearson, who noted that even by word of mouth quite a few people have already dropped off items.

“Shockingly the first thing to fill up was aluminum cans.”

However, the most impressive responses came right before the drop off location opened through the plastic bottle drive at schools in the area, according to Cash.

Surpassing far beyond any expectations, children at Jefferson Early Learning Center, Jackson and Whitebead managed to collect a total of 8,331 bottles and as a result filled an entire trailer.

Taking first place in the contest for the most bottles collected was a Head Start class at JELC, who alone managed to bring in 1,170 bottles. After that was a second grade class at Jackson with 586, followed by a third grade class at Whitebead taking the last prize with 507 bottles and with such dedication all earned a pizza party.

“I was shocked; I thought the kids did a great job,” said Cash. “It completely filled up one trailer.”

The benefits are still yet to be measured over the long term, but Cash and Pearson are also seeing appreciation from making it more convenient for those who now can take care of recycling without leaving Garvin County.

There are still a few finishing touches to take care of at the center like a coat of paint or putting up some notice outside that encourages people to drop in, but otherwise volunteers are relieved to be finally finished.

“I talked to one man who has been taking recyclables to Norman for 20 years,” said Cash. “He was thrilled.”

In the end, people are still encouraged to become a part of future recycling committee efforts led by Erin Babcock and Tye Jacobson, said Cash.

There are plans to do future fundraising or community projects like selling T-shirts with the logo designed by local resident Malia Readnour and it is never too late to donate to help fund the center by contacting Arlen Williams at 405-238-6444.

Monetary donations to the PV Community Foundation can be mailed to 509 W. Paul, Pauls Valley, OK, 73075.

“They do want to continue as a way to get the word out,” said Cash.

Items accepted in the 10 bins include:

• Bin 1: Aluminum Cans

• Bin 2: Tin Cans like those for soup or tuna.

• Bin 3, 4 and 5: Glass bottles and Jars including those green, brown and clear. Caps and lids not included. Exceptions include items like Pyrex or ceramic.

• Bin 6: Plastic with #1 on bottom.

• Bin 7: Plastic with #2 on bottom.

• Bin 8: Plastic with either #3 or #4 marked on it.

• Bin 9: Office paper like white and colored paper used in things like printers, mailed letters and envelopes.

• Bin 10: Mixed paper including catalogues, phone books, newspaper and advertisements.

For more information about the program or how to get involved in the committee, Cash can be reached at 405-237-3773 or 405-238-0335.