Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

September 19, 2013

Robb stepping down as Main Street leader

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — Pauls Valley has had a few recent examples where career changes have come as better opportunities have arrived or those in the public eye felt they’ve accomplished everything possible.

However, as in Main Street Pauls Valley Director Samantha Robb’s case, circumstances were not so much a choice of being ready to leave, but a result what meant maintaining stability in her own life.

It was all a process that moved far quicker than she was ready for, despite knowing it could be possible for a long time and as of the end of this week, means the end of her full time in the position.

“It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make,” said Robb, whose last day is Friday, September 20. “This process happened much faster than I expected it to.”

Since Robb arrived to take on the challenge back in March 2008, much of her ability to stay has dealt with being able to supplement any lack of income or insurance through her husband Bill’s job with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Though she managed to stay on even as the city cut funding to the program last year, it was the knowledge that her husband would retire that motivated her to apply as a secretary for the same entity’s chief of security.

“It was not a decision made lightly,” said Robb, adding how she did not expect to be hired so soon with a start date for her new job on Monday, Sept. 23.

“Because the only reason I would even leave this job is because I need insurance… I’ve held on as long as I could, I really have, because I love these people and I love this job.”

Looking back, some of the things Robb is proudest of during her time here was helping to inspire local movie theater owner Michael Brewer to go forward with the restoration in her early time here and helping raise money for projects like the landscaping for “streetscape.”

She has a lot of pride that the program she’s leaving behind will have some sort of endowment to protect funds for the future and continues to be touched by the generosity of the people here.

“I’m proud of our team’s perseverance through tough times…that they don’t give up,” said Robb.

“I think we’ve accomplished quite a bit in the community.”

Of course, Robb won’t be severing ties completely with the community or the organization quite yet as she plans to at least stick around on an interim basis after work hours as well as on the weekend until the end of the Living Dead Center Festival in October.

She will continue to live around the Maysville area and even as the Main Street board begins the search for her replacement, will find a way to stay involved here in some way or another.

“I’m still going to be around in the background, I’m still going to try to make sure the festival goes on… I hope to be able to serve as a volunteer, even the Main Street board in the future,” said Robb.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw this much support, this much volunteerism for an event so I’m very encouraged by that.”

Robb is not going to leave her successor without any help either as she will be leaving behind detailed notes on how to do the various basic tasks that come with the position.

She hopes to make it as easy as possible for whoever that person ends up being with the hope they will make it their own moving forward.

“There is a lot that we do here at Main Street, that whoever is my successor I’d like them to be able to just open up a file,” said Robb, adding it will help from using the computer to who to contact for various projects in town.

“I want to leave that person with enough instructions where they don’t have to feel like they have to reinvent the wheel.”

Robb still encourages people to keep contacting her through her e-mail and by calling and leaving messages be it for the festival or to be involved through Main Street in general.

She can be reached at the Main Street office by calling 405-238-2555 or