Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

August 6, 2013

Superheroes unite to save Pauls Valley

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — Masks, capes and costumes of all kinds filled the Pauls Valley streets this past weekend with a unique gathering of people stepping into the role of superhero.

This fun event that included whole families was the second International Superhero Day at the local Toy and Action Figure Museum.

The idea was again to gather as many original superhero characters as possible. From the looks of the museum both inside and out the mission was accomplished.

As with the first Superhero Day last year they came from all over. Helping to lead the charge were the squeaky powers of museum curator Kevin Stark, who assumed the role of Squeaky Burger.

Dressed in his mask and full character outfit, Stark at first spoke normally. Then he remembered to switch over to his deeper voice as a way to comfort citizens in need.

“I have super squeakiness,” Stark said while still not sure how the power helped other than to add to a fun atmosphere meant for kids and adults alike.

Making yet another appearance at the big superhero gathering was last year’s grand prize winner Hero Man.

“I’m super strong and I have the ability to fly,” he said, adding it was best to not reveal his secret identity.

“I don’t thing it would be a good idea.”

Making it a family affair was 12-year-old Savanna Bolen of Pauls Valley, who appeared with her citizen mom and superhero sidekick dad, Patrick, better known as Disc Man, a “normal human with skills.”

As for Savanna, she is Duct Tape Investigator, also known as DTI.

“I duct tape the bad guys and villains, and I have a canon,” she said while pointing her duct taped weapon.

Also coming from PV was Zac Brumley sporting the costume of Captain Caffeine.

“I’m just Mr. Energy,” Brumley said. “I just get amped up and fight evil.”

Strolling into the gathering was the superhero Style, also known as Gini Rodke of PV.

“I fight conformity and inspire creativity,” she said.

“This is my cape, my fur coat, and these sunglasses are my mask.”

Adding to it all were the really strong superheroes, like Super Strong Man and Mighty Warrior, who here in the regular world is 7-year-old Braden Cover of Oklahoma City.

With a soft spoken approach Cover was quick to remind us his superhero power is “strength.”

Other superheroes were Heat Wave, Rescue Bot and Crimson Kid.

There was also Thunder Horse, who is Kale Lampkin of nearby Washington.

“I have the ability to conjure the spirit world and control animals,” Lampkin said with a smile.

“I was here last year but didn’t dress up. I had a great time so I decided to come back, and this time I wanted to come up with a superhero.”

The superhero Bearded Dandy came from Oklahoma City and brought a couple of friends with him to help fight evil.

“I use my axes, Lou and Randy, to bonk people over the head,” he said, stressing he’s a good guy and not a villain.

Another Oklahoma City man dressed in costume said he simply came because he was a “geek” who loved the superhero thing. Joining him were his children also dressed in superhero outfits.

There was even a mad professor character not quite sure if he was a good guy or evil villain.

Moments after all the superheroes present gathered for group photos in front of the museum an unexpected surprise confronted them with the arrival of the super villain — Dr. Sponge Brain.

The villain first took on museum mascot Rivet before then challenging all the superheroes to find a series of fun “doomsday devices” he had hidden throughout Pauls Valley.

It was this “evil” challenge, complete with maps, that triggered the start of a scavenger hunt meant to be fun and get participants even more involved with prizes on the other side.

A full photo gallery of the day is available here: