Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

March 26, 2013

Shots fired into PV residence

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — It was an early Sunday morning surprise for Pauls Valley authorities contacted about a residential shooting this past weekend.

What investigating police officers learned was one woman’s word and evidence at the scene showed she was forced to dive to the ground to avoid from being shot.

Later taken into custody on the allegation he’s the shooter was Antione Lamont Brown. No age or specifics on Brown were available.

A report filed by officers and released Monday shows a woman living in the 700 block of West McClure claimed it was a man known to her as “Tuan” who fired a number of gunshots at her and her house.

The woman claims she believes Brown came to the residence with the intention of threatening or killing her.

Her statement to police was that Brown pulled the slide on a gun, which ejected a round, pointed the weapon at her when she was on the porch and screamed something.

She claims he then left before later returning. At one point the woman said she opened a door to see Brown seated in his vehicle pointing a gun at her.

She told officers he fired the gun as she dropped to the ground to avoid from being shot or even killed.

The case report shows the woman said she believed Brown was angry with her because she had accused him of stealing from her.

Officers checking out the woman’s story reported first finding a 9 millimeter round on her porch and later three more bullets from different places in the home showing that someone had in fact shot at the local home.

Another witness later told police Brown had stated an intention to take his gun and seek retribution against some people who had accused him of stealing.

Brown was taken into custody later in the day during a traffic stop near Lee and Gage streets.

A search of his vehicle resulted in 15 of the same bullets used to fire at the house being found, along with other rounds and similar empty shell casings.

In another case from the weekend a woman took off running from officers after a young boy was allegedly assaulted at a kids’ center in the 100 block of West Charles.

The teenager was accused Saturday afternoon of forcing a boy’s head down onto a counter top resulting in bleeding above one eye.

Patrolling officers soon spotted the young woman walking on a nearby street.

When confronted by an officer the girl turned and ran leading to a pursuit that ended in a salon located on the same block as the kids’ center.