Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

March 17, 2014

Main Street picks new director

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — The wait is over as the search has ended for the new face of Main Street Pauls Valley.

After interviews with as many as nine candidates, area resident Lindsey Temple was named the new director.

It means a lot for the program, which has been without a director since Samantha Robb resigned the position in September. The board has been running things since Robb’s resignation.

“Out of all the applicants we narrowed it down to two. From those two it was a really, really difficult decision,” said Alvarado.

“In the end the board decided to go with Lindsey because we felt she shared our vision with Main Street.”

Temple is facing the challenge of reviving a program that has been mostly dormant since the Living Dead Festival in October. Alvarado is confident she is ready for the challenge.

After getting her settled in with an official start date of Monday, it will be full steam ahead.

“Just her experience with the paper and knowing the inner workings of the community,” said Alvarado. He was speaking of her time with the Garvin County News Star and hours as a volunteer with Main Street in the past. “It really put her at an advantage.”

Alvarado noted that they can start planning their next moves, and he is excited to finally give it to someone full time. He believes it was too much of a challenge for just the board members.

Next is figuring out what to do with immediate concerns like BrickFest. With the traditional date a little over a month away, the event may or may not happen. Whatever is decided, they don’t want to rush the decision, even if it means moving it to another time.

Alvarado noted how the organization could now get out and about a whole lot more. He wants to discuss what people want to see out of the organization and how they can meet needs. They want to get on a first name basis with people so they can feel comfortable visiting or giving a call.

“Everyone downtown can start seeing her face around...Where we were kind of dormant for a while; you’re going to see a whole lot of us. We’re coming to your door, your business,” said Alvarado.

“I’m excited because we have a new program director in the position. Now we can actually do the work of the community. The missing program director was kind of the missing piece to the whole thing.”

Temple can be reached at the Main Street office by calling 405-238-2555 or

Editor’s note: Temple will be explaining her vision for Main Street and thoughts about the new job in a future edition of the PV Democrat.